Prison Ministries

Creative Living International is committed to serving Prison Ministries (US and overseas) and, through the great work of Prison Prevention Ministries based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is providing guidance and materials for those seeking to start or continue Bible Studies within prisons.

Creative Living International wishes to acknowledge Prison Prevention Ministries for the hours of work on reformatting studies to booklet form, as well as providing the samples and instructions offered in this section.

Using Creative Living materials, inmates involved in the Prison Prevention ministry log well over 10,000 hours per year in personal, one-on-one, and group Bible study.

We are indebted to this great organization and its staff and volunteers, as this portion of our website would not exist without them.

You can learn more about this ministry at


Instructions and Guidance for Facilitating a Bible Study / Life Skills Seminar

Available Studies and Recommended Uses

Printing Permission

Printing Bible Study Booklets

Sample Materials

Sample Bible Study Flier

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