Printing Bible Study Booklets

Thanks to the many hours of painstaking work by Prison Prevention Ministries, , the Creative Living Bible Studies provided have been carefully formatted in booklet form so that prison workers can inexpensively reproduce them. You can produce one lesson or the whole series in booklet form.

PLEASE NOTE:Some operating systems do not print in booklet form correctly when downloaded from the web site. Most systems should produce the booklet form correctly offline. If you are unable to print in booklet form, please call or email our office if you would like us to email you a pdf(s) of the study(s) to print offline.
PHONE: 703 689 4455 or EMAIL:

Booklet printing is very easy once you get the hang of it.

  1. Open the booklet document you want.
  2. Go to "Help" for instruction on how to print booklets from your computer and printer.
    1. Some printers will print front and back; other printers will require printing one side, then the other. (Note: Some smaller printers cannot do booklet format, requiring you to seek a printer that can do booklets.)
  3. Use a long reach stapler to staple the materials in the center, then fold the booklets.
    1. Longer studies, like Acts Part I, etc., will require a heavy duty stapler.
    2. BE SURE TO CHECK with the correctional facility to be sure you can take stapled items into the prison. If it is not allowed, we suggest printing individual lessons as a booklet not requiring a staple.