How can we best handle today's stresses, losses and confrontations at home and in the workplace? How can we cope with broken relationships, ethical issues, rejection and financial hardships? How can we control anger, overcome bad habits, and establish a healthier sense of self-worth?

Creative Living Bible Studies

Creative Living International has specially designed materials that can help you find relevant answers to these and other significant questions.

The Creative Living Bible Study is an easy to use resource that directs you towards the practical application of biblical principles.

Through these studies, you can find relief from life's pressures as you grow in a personal knowledge of God's love and guidance.

Whether in a small group in a home or in a larger group format accompanied by a lecture, weekly studies promote support and friendships in the atmosphere of finding positive answers for life.

Across America and in various nations worldwide, Creative Living Bible Studies are making an impact on people from all walks of life. Order your Creative Living Bible Study and enjoy a user-friendly Bible study that provides positive, practical and relevant applications for life in today's challenging world!