Transformation of the Heart: Studies from the Book of Romans


Transformation of the Heart: Studies from the Book of Romans is a 15 week study of the book called "The Constitution of the Christian Faith" and "watershed of the Bible." This study helps a person to see who they are in Christ and to understand the total transformation of the heart that takes place when we put faith in Him. Topics cover "Choosing a Good Master," "The Value of a Non-Judgmental Heart," "The Peaceful Heart," and "The Transformed Heart."

Table of Contents

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1GreetingsChoosing a Good Master
2Man's Predicament IWorship and Wholeness
3Man's Predicament IIThe Value of a Non-Judgmental Heart
4God's Gift of RighteousnessReceiving God's Free Gift
5Righteousness by FaithFaith that Transforms
6Blessings in ChristThe Peaceful Heart
7Identification with ChristThe Transformed Heart
8The Christian's Battle with SinAbiding in Christ
9Power for Christian Living IFollowing the Spirit
10Power for Christian Living IITransformed by God's Love
11Salvation for the Jews IComfort in God's Sovereignty
12Salvation for the Jews IIChoosing God's Way
13How Shall We Then Live ILoving and Being Loved
14How Shall We Then Live IIUnity in Diversity
15Final WordsGrace for the Future