Power to Live By: Studies from the Book of Acts


Power to Live By: Studies from the Book of Acts is a 22-week series on the exciting beginnings of the early church. The positive and moving narrative traces the supernatural establishment of Christianity in Jerusalem and across the Roman world as it records the adventures of leaders like Peter and Paul. Some topics addressed are "Dealing With Life's Uncertainties," "Loving the Unlovable," "Victory When You Cannot Win" and "Facing the Enemies of Faith."

Note: The 4-week Philippians study, Joy, fits well at the end of the Acts study.

Table of Contents

Part I - Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1The Risen LordWhen the Task is Too Big
2Pentecost - The Church is BornPower to Live By
3Healing of a Lame ManExperiencing the Healing We Need
4Initial PersecutionPower Over Negative Emotions
5The First Church CommunityPower Over Hypocrisy
6Persecution ContinuesDealing With Jealousy
7Stephen, The First MartyrVictory When You Cannot Win
8The Journeys of PhilipBenefiting from Hardship
9Saul's ConversionFacing Big Mistakes
10Peter Goes to GentilesThe Power of a Teachable Spirit
11Herodian PersecutionWhen the Doors Shut

Part II - Antioch to Rome

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
12Paul & Barnabas in AsiaDealing With Life's Uncertainties
13More Paul & BarnabasIn Times of Rejection
14Jerusalem CouncilResolving Disagreements
15Journeys of Paul & SilasMaintaining Faith in Hard Times
16Athens and CorinthFacing the Enemies of Faith
17Ministry in EphesusFacing the Enemies of Faith II
18Paul Gives FarewellsThe Power of Wholehearted Devotion
19Paul in JerusalemDealing with Injustice
20Imprisonment in CaesareaWaiting on God
21Trials Before Festus & AgrippaLoving the Unlovable
22Storm, Shipwreck & RomeLiving on Higher Ground