New Beginnings: Studies from the Book of Genesis


New Beginnings: Studies from the Book of Genesis is a 26-week study covering the unfolding drama of the book most foundational to the understanding of the Bible. In addition to lessons on creation, the Flood, Babel, and the life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, you will be studying topics related to everyday experience today, including "Dealing with Stress," "Handling Broken Relationships," "Perspective on Possessions," and "Performing Under Pressure."

NOTE: Part III is available as a 7-week study --Staying the Course with God, Studies from the Life of Joseph.

Table of Contents

Part I - The Beginning of History: Genesis 1-11

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1CreationOrder in Our Lives
2Adam and EveHow’s Your Self Image
3The Big MistakeDealing With Nasty Habits
4Cain and AbelDealing With Anger
5The FloodTaking God Seriously
6The Rainbow PromiseHope in a Crisis
7Babel’s TowerHelp for the Tongue

Part II - Israel’s Beginnings: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1The Call of AbramPerspective on Possessions
2Crisis & CovenantConquering Impulsiveness
3Ishmael is BornWhat Price Impatience
4Sodom and GomorrahCurrent Events Speak
5Isaac is BornThe Gift of Joy
6Isaac on the AltarTrusting God
7RebekkahKnowing God's Will
8Jacob and EsauBuilding Love I: Overcoming Prejudices
9Jacob in ExileBuilding Love II: Dealing with Jealousy
10Jacob and LabanConfronting Resentment
11Jacob Meets EsauDealing With Stress
12More About JacobDisappointment & Losses

Part III - Beginnings in Egypt: Genesis 37-50

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1Joseph and BrothersHandling Broken Relationships
2Joseph in BondagePerforming Under Pressure
3Joseph the Prime MinisterIn the World, Not of It
4Reunited FamilyControlling Those Emotions
5Jacob in EgyptThe Beauty of Age
6The Blessings of JacobConfronting Death & Pain
7Joseph’s Last YearsThe Positive Power of Forgiveness