The Challenges of Womanhood II: Studies on Women of the Bible


The Challenges of Womanhood II: Studies on Women of the Bible is a 24-week series on 17 Old Testament women, including Rachel, Deborah, Delilah, Ruth and Naomi, and seven New Testament women such as Mary Magdalene and Herodias. Topics addressed in conjunction with this study include "Unfading Inner Beauty," "Rising Above Rejection," "Bringing Out the Best in People," and "Freedom From Vanity."

Note: We recommend doing Challenges of Womanhood I

Table of Contents

Part I - Old Testament

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1HagarGod’s Wonderful Way of Understanding
2Lot’s WifeTaking God Seriously
3RachelUnfading Inner Beauty
4LeahRising Above Rejection (and Other Painful Situations)
5DinahTaking Godly Principles Seriously
6TamarAbout Judging Others
7JochebedGetting Through Hard Times
8DeborahBringing Out the Best in People
9DelilahDeciding Against Deceit
10NaomiNew Starts
11OrpahMaking Difficult Decisions
12RuthDealing with Change
13MichalFreedom From Vanity
14AbigailThe Art of Peacemaking
15BathshebaKnowing Our Weaknesses
16JezebelThe Reality of Evil
17HuldahThe Power of Truth

Part II - New Testament

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
18HerodiasResponding to Sin & Guilt
19SalomeA Look at Favoritism
20Mary MagdaleneThe Beauty of a Thankful Heart
21SapphiraDefeating Hypocrisy
22Mary of JerusalemGiving Living
23PhoebeTo Be Used by God
24Lois & EuniceFaith that Outlives Our Own