The Challenges of Womanhood I: Studies on Women of the Bible


The Challenges of Womanhood I: Studies on Women of the Bible is a 24-week series on 14 Old Testament women such as Eve, Sarah, Hannah and Esther, and 10 New Testament women such as Mary, Martha and Mary of Bethany, Lydia, and the Samaritan woman. This discussion-provoking study is great for beginning groups as it addresses topics such as "Making Time our Friend," "Constructive and Destructive Forces," "Walking Through a Crisis," and "Simplicity."

Table of Contents

Part I - Old Testament

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1EveFulfillment in Christ
2SarahWaiting on God
3Rebekah I & IINone
4Potiphar’s WifeMaking Time Our Friend
5MiriamConstructive and Destructive Forces
6RahabGod’s Grace, Our Faith
7PeninnahA Look at Self Image
8HannahParenting, Prayer & Influencing Others
9The Queen of ShebaTrue Wisdom
10Widow of ZarephathThe Trusting Woman
11The ShunammiteRewards of Hospitality
12The Jewish Maid"And you shall be my witnesses…"
13EstherWalking Through a Crisis
14Job’s WifeWise Counsel

Part II - New Testament

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
15MaryWholehearted Devotion
16ElizabethThe Joyful Heart
17AnnaJoy in Serving
18A Widow Who Gave AllFinancial Perspective
19Martha of BethanyThe Seeking Heart
20Mary of BethanySimplicity
21The Samaritan WomanJesus…Walking in Our Shoes Part I: Telling the Goods News
22DorcasJesus…Walking in Our Shoes Part II: Kindness
23LydiaJesus… Walking in Our Shoes Part III: The Strength of Gentleness
24PriscillaJesus… Walking in Our Shoes Part IV: Giving Living