Secrets of Kingdom Living: Studies on theBeatitudes


An 8-lesson study that unpacks the practical meaning of the Beatitudes of Matthew 5:1-12. Here Jesus describes the qualities and blessings of His ideal follower and the profound secrets of living with Him as King.

  1. The Poor in Spirit-- Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
  2. They that Mourn-- They shall be Comforted
  3. The Meek-- They shall Inherit the Earth
  4. Who Hunger & Thirst after Righteousness-- They shall be Filled
  5. The Merciful-- They Shall Obtain Mercy
  6. The Pure in Heart-- They shall see God
  7. The Peacemakers-- They shall be called Sons of God
  8. The Persecuted because of Righteousness-- Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven