Reasons to Celebrate: Studies from the Book of Psalms


Reasons to Celebrate: Studies from the Book of Psalms is an 11-week study focused on the awesome love and care of God. Lesson topics include "We Are Never Alone," "Fully Known and Fully Loved," and four studies on "The Lord Our Shepherd" which address the rest, restoration, guidance, protection and hope found in a personal relationship with the Lord. Other lessons include "Honesty with God in Times of Suffering" and "Seeing God as He Really Is."

Table of Contents

LessonBuilding on the Basics
1We are Never Alone
2The Certainty of God's Word
3Fully Known and Fully Loved I: Sure Foundations for Self-Worth
4Fully Known and Fully Loved II: The Freedom of Forgiveness
5The Lord our shepherd I: The Rest and Restoration We Need
6The Lord our Shepherd II: Trustworthy Guidance We Need
7The Lord our shepherd III: The Protection We Need
8The Lord our shepherd IV: The Hope We Need
9Honesty with God in Times of Suffering
10Seeing God as He Really Is
11Celebrate the Lord!