Journey to Freedom: Studies from Exodus through Joshua


Journey to Freedom: Studies from Exodus through Joshua is a 25-week study that surveys Israel's deliverance from Egyptian bondage under Moses, God's establishment of Israel as a nation in the wilderness, and the conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua. Topics of personal application include "When God Seems Distant," "When We Feel Inadequate," "Discovering Boundaries," and "Amazing Grace for the Journey."

Table of Contents

Part I - Freedom from Bondage

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1The Birth of a DelivereWhen God Seems Distant
2Divine Call & Human ResponseWhen We Feel Inadequate
3It’s All in a NameThe Grace We Need in Desperate Times
4The Plagues: Part IFreedom from Stubbornness
5The Plagues: Part IIFreedom from Greed
6Passover: Past and PresentBeginnings of Freedom
7Victory at the Red SearFreedom from Fear
8Song at the SeaReason to Celebrate
9Murmuring and MannaFreedom from Complaining

Part II - Wilderness Wanderings

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
10Freed to Form CommunityKeys to Leadership; A Submissive & Teachable Spirit
11Covenant at SinaiThe Rewards of Reverence
12The Ten CommandmentsGod’s Gift of the Ten Commandments: Part I
13The Ten CommandmentsGod’s Gift of the Ten Commandments: Part II
14The Book of the CovenantDiscovering Boundaries
15The TabernacleJourneying With God
16The Golden CalfChoices that Separate; Choices that Unite
17Building the TabernacleRewards of an Attentive Heart
18Leaving Mt. SinaiChoosing the Right Focus
19Spying out the LandNot I, But Christ
20A New BeginningAmazing Grace for the Journey
21Shema: The Great CommandObedience from the Heart
22Final Preparations and the Death of MosesChoosing Whom to Follow

Part III - Receiving the Promised Land

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
23Crossing the JordanStepping Out on God's Faithfulness
24The Fall of JerichoTrusting God’s Ways
25The Promised Land Distributed Joshua's Farewell AddressIn the Spirit of Moses, Joshua and Caleb