Grace Under Pressure: Studies from the Book of Luke (22-week)


Grace Under Pressure: Studies from the Book of Luke (22-week) is a 22-week study on Luke's meticulous historical account of the life of Jesus Christ. Half of this Gospel records "The Road to the Cross" where public opinion had turned against Jesus. Corresponding topical studies address finding "Grace Under Pressure" in our lives today with topics like "Prescription for Peace," "Overcoming Loneliness," "Preventing Burnout," and "Being Ready for Life's Challenges."

Condensed 16-week Grace Under Pressure version also available.

Table of Contents

Part I - Grace Under Pressure: Early Years and Public Ministry

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
1Joyful AnnouncementsFinding Fulfillment
2The Birth of Two BabiesPrescription for Peace
3Early Years of JesusThe Need for Quiet
4Preparations & TemptationsOvercoming Guilt & and Temptations
5Beginnings in GalileePreventing Burnout
6Calling the First DisciplesImportance of Identifying Our Needs
7Sermon on the PlainCoping with Conflict
8Jesus Touches the NeedyOvercoming Loneliness
9More Galilean MinistryBecoming a Good Influence
10Withdrawing From GalileeMountains and Valleys

Part II - Grace Under Pressure: The Road to the Cross

 LessonBuilding on the Basics
11Turning Toward JerusalemLove Defined: The Generous Heart
12BethanyThe Bare Necessities
13Teachings in JudeaDealing with Denial
14More Judean TeachingsBeing Ready for Life's Challenges
15Beginnings of Public DebateOvercoming Rigidity: The Freedom to Change
16More Important ParablesIn Support of Liking Yourself
17Miscellaneous TeachingsNever Too Late to Pray
18Along the Road to JerusalemMore on Fulfillment
19Conclusion of Public DebateWisdom that Prevails
20Teachings of the FutureIn Time of Failure
21Arrest and TrialThe Invisible War
22The Cross/ Resurrection MinistryAlways Triumphant