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Creative Living Bible Studies

"The Bible's answers are relevant to today's most gripping issues. The Creative Living Bible Study can help you understand and ultimately benefit from this extraordinary Book." William L. Armstrong, businessman and former United States Senator

 "As the owner of my own business, I have noticed that since beginning the Creative Living Bible Study, I am much more willing to have faith that I will make the right decision and the faith that God will indeed take care of me and the situations of my life." a professional in Virginia

 "Every Creative Living study we have done has been exceptional and unusually well-received by the members of our group. I've never heard a criticism! Our teachers and ministers say it is the best material they have ever seen!" a Bible study leader in Connecticut

 "By way of your tapes, I have attended your Bible study for the last several years. The studies have encouraged me, given me words to say to explain my beliefs, helped me have a clearer understanding of Bible passages... picked me up when I felt down, and kept me company going to and from work!" a professional in California

 "Our fellowship really came alive as we did the Acts and Philippians studies. I have never heard such positive feedback on any study we have done. God is truly using the Creative Living Bible Studies to bring His own into the Kingdom!" a study coordinator in Houston

 "I always turn to Building on the Basics to find answers - in writing letters to friends in trouble - in talking to them." a leader in New York City


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